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Who/what area do you service?

By 23/03/2013August 11th, 2015Food for thought

We service anyone and everyone that has animals that require looking after whether it is for day care, weekends, a couple of weeks, months and even years. Majority of people think it is just holiday makers that require a boarding facility however there are many other reasons why for eg. People having fences done, People building a house and need to rent or stay with family members and no pets are allowed, people having renovations and do not trust the dog with the builders or trust the builders with the dog, insurance claims where people have to move out of their home due to flood/ fire etc. and insurance companies put the owners into temporary accommodation where no animals are allowed. People within the Army, Navy etc. being relocated, People selling their homes and having inspections and not wanting their pet’s to make a mess or intimidate potential buyers, People going into hospital and nursing homes. We also offer retirement for pets here too. So there are many different reasons why pet owners need our services.

The area we service is all over Melbourne as we offer a pickup and delivery service to anywhere in Melbourne eg. just been to Nagambie this morning, and Bendigo a couples of weeks ago but mostly inner/outer city. As our location is fantastic for the holiday makers as many customers drop their pets in on their way through to the snow fields, caravan parks, holiday destinations etc. but often many of our customer come right out of their way to bring their pets to us knowing their pet/s are well looked after, loved, spent lots of time with and have a fantastic time here.

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